Like a baby’s first step: My first blog

Okay. Where do I begin…

Being an avid journal keeper I guess this is the next step in that evolutionary process.  Sharing my thoughts on random (or not so random–depending on my audience) topics, thoughts, dreams, etc. with total strangers is actually kinda cool.  Not being attached to whether or not someone reads my ramblings is an added bonus for me, because, honestly…I don’t care if zero or a million follow.  I just like the idea that it is a possibility. Journaling on paper is therapeutic…but putting yourself out there for others to relate (or call you crazy) is just a little added bonus in the “excitement” arena. 😉

Disclaimer: My spelling is so-so at best, sometimes I combine prefixes, suffixes and bases of words to form new words that are not “real words” (all words are made up at some point, so I am not toooo sure why some people get so uptight about using words that are not in the dictionary…YET.) and when I am in a bit of a hurry to get something written, I have a tendency to skip a formal proofread…so grammar could get pretty shotty sometimes.  If after all that, you manage to enjoy my “style” and thought process, please feel free to follow me  through the peaks of my sanity and the valleys of my sometimes emotionally driven- illogical rants. And I know I have run-ins with run on sentences, however, I totally don’t care about that…it is a blog..not my master’s thesis.

I wish you:

Peace, love, forgiveness, happiness, growth and a little bit o’ trouble… for variation…and passion ;P




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