Growth Comes in Many Shapes and Sizes

I have been writing a lot about change, personal growth, perspective shifts and things of the like.

I am staying much “truer” to my user name than I initially expected I would…which is sorta cool.  And this article will eventually circle back around to some sort of a point (profound or not…it will be there).

So, here I am.  Another weekday morning, “hangin’ with my peeps in cube-ie-world”…still in Zonieland…melting every time I step outside, enjoying our dust and monsoon storms.

Speaking of storms, the last two monsoons, I experienced mother nature at her purest. The first dust/monsoon combo punch led a long line of ants into my car out of the flash-floods (well, for them they were).  My first day of work, I got in my car to head to the office and found them…lined up…crawling all over the front half of my car.  I regret to inform you, I killed as many as I could.  Don’t feel bad for them, they got about half-a-dozen bites in before perishing under my napkins.

The second one happened last night actually.  Another storm/flood warning.  Sure enough, in the hall next to the wall was a scorpion!!! This one looked deadly (or at least veryyyy painful) too.  So, one glass cup and thick envelope later, Mr. Scorpion was placed out front.  Wasn’t sure if he would run after me just to sting me for transporting him…but strangely…I think he appreciated not being murdered for trying to dry off inside.  He just crawled off over the rocks toward the tree…no aggression.

Looked them up in my bosses books.

“Animal Speak: The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small” by Ted Andrews.

“Animal-Wise:The Spirit Language and Signs of Nature” also by Ted Andrews

She lent it to me for the ants, and this morning I was happy she forgot to give the books to me till last night because here I am…looking up another one 😉

Ants: KEYNOTE: Industriousness, Order and Discipline  (found in Animal Speak)

Scorpion: KEYNOTE: Dynamic transformation through secret passions and desires

“…Sex and death are often associated with the sign of Scorpio.  These mysteries stimulate great passions and feelings, and both are vehicles of change.  Within the sex act, the two partners exchange energy and neither is ever truly the same again.  Death itself is a transformation of energy so that rebirth can occur.  This is scorpion energy…Most scorpions are nocturnal, and one of the most common ways of collecting them is through the use of a black light which makes them fluorescent in the darkness.  This reminds us that light can be found within darkness if we channel our passions correctly.…Remember the scorpion promises transformation.  Whether that transformation is calm or chaotic depends on how we use our energies.” [Animal-Wise PG 282-283)

So, yet again…back to hard work and change.  The ants and scorpions of life.  Not always wanted, but always respected and paid attention too.

On that note, it is time for me to shuffle papers around for some semblance of a living 😉  We all gotta eat and put a roof over our heads (case in point with my ant and scorpion friends).

Have a wonderful day.  You are valuable and your soul is beautiful.

Peace, love and monsoon dust storms.

I love you as myself.



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