Memo I Got: A Generous Heart


A kind and generous heart

It would be of no value to have love if you could not also give love. There would be no satisfaction in having the world’s greatest fortune if there was no one with whom to share your good fortune.

Don’t obsess over getting what’s coming to you. Focus your energy on giving and expanding all the good things that can come from you.

You’ll rarely gain anything by proving that you’re right. Instead, put your efforts into doing what is right.

If your ego controls every moment of your life, that life will be little more then an empty shell. To fill your life with richness, live with a kind and generous heart.

If you seek to take without giving, you create bitterness in every direction. The only wealth that will ever bring fulfillment is the wealth you create and give.

Don’t settle for a shallow, empty life when you can enjoy so much more. Give your best, with a kind and generous heart, and truly live life at its highest level.

— Ralph Marston


So…(I love starting with “So…” It just has a je ne sais quoi…feel about it for me…strange thought…whatever)

One thing I will say about the cubbie job I have: I do get awesome “Thoughts for the day”

This one is probably one of my favorites so far.


Just wanted to share the goodness 😉

I have been thinking about starting up a “really, really free market” out here in Zonieland…mentioned it to the ladies in the “office-box” where we live most of our day-lives…they all were really excited about it and wanted to know where it was.  I said, “I would have to start it”….They were aggressive with me about it and said “YOU SHOULD!!!”

Now, I am not about “should-ing” on people….but in this case…I should (haha) and I want to, so it makes it easier to tackle.  Now I just have to get it figured out…like where to hold it that would not cost any money (seeing as how there is no exchange on currency going to be going on at this “shin-dig”.  It is too hot out to do it at a public park right now…so…yeah…that wont work at the moment.

I also want to figure out the best way to get the word out to the right, appreciative, “Golden Rule” loving people in the area that are down for a little “give-fest”.

Peace, Love and a generous heart.


You couldn’t tell by the looks of it that it is 111 degrees fahrenheit outside!!!

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