The “Worthiness” Memo




“Since Everything

is a reflection of

our minds,



can be changed by

our minds.”

-Heart of a Buddha


The question of “worthiness” has come up a lot for me recently…whether one (i.e. me) is or is not worthy of (insert ‘blank’ here).

I know now, this question is moot.

‘Yes’ or ‘No’ with regards to being “worthy”, it just doesn’t really matter.

What matters: If “it” does happen (whatever “it” is for me at that moment), whether or not I am “worthy”…how do I respond/react to whatever ‘it’ is???  Do I learn???  Do I grow??? Am I able to move forward???  Did ‘it’ benefit me or hinder me???

All these decisions are made up in the mind…the idea of ‘worthiness’ can be manipulated positively or negatively…it is all up to me!!!

So…I can basically decide ‘I am worthy of my lessons…and in that: I am worthy of positive and/or negative outcomes’.

I am worthy because I accept the challenge (whatever challenge that could be).


Peace, love and worthiness of change and growth.




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