A couple of old Entries in my “Legalize Freedom” Journal


Call me down,

let me in,

talk to me,


Relax with me,

rub me strong,

take me slow,

curl my toes.

How long we have, 

we play our games,

back and forth,

hold my hand.



which do we

prefer to have?

I love you same, 

as you love me,

my heart-your heart,

talk: no words to speak.



Is it me your soul calls for?

Or just your longing loins?

Is it you, the one for me?

Or is love an addicts game?

Do we believe in you and me?

Or cupid’s joke: our chemistry?

When you call, all strength of mine: Summoned.

To tell you no, All I know: It’s needed.

One ‘yes’ too soon…

I bind, intertwine…

your soul is fine…

my soul offered up…

A divine connection, too soon…

Now that is hell on earth…

for the bonded and displaced.



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