My Current “Manifesto” for a Relationship

My Current “Manifesto” for a Relationship

  • I will love a man who is active in his life and loves my company while doing those activities (He likes me with my clothes on and/or off…and vice versa).

* I will totally love and respect a man who provides for me, whom I feel safe with and protected by.  A man I want to respect and whom I feel comfortable following.

  • I will totally hook-up a masculine man when he wants something…if and when he satisfies my wants and needs first.  I will spoil a gentleman…happily.
  • We will be gentle with one another; however, we will not hesitate to point out constructive issues.  Safe emotional zone.
  • I will pitch in and help…when and if he is.  So, if he is willing to do a chore, I am too.  No slaves.
  • I will grant a masculine-stoic-alpha male importance and not “check” him on something in public if he does the same for me, cherishing my feelings by not “checking” me in a rude/condescending manner.  BASIC GOLDEN RULE STUFF.
  • We will love one another and keep the chemistry strong by being cool with each other having alone time with/without friends.  Mutual Trust.  You don’t cheat on me and the Prize is that I, in turn, don’t cheat on you.  AGAIN, BASIC GOLDEN RULE STUFF.

We will play, compromise and have fun with each other. Always. Treating our time together as a pleasure and a privilege will come naturally to us both.


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