Dear Universe, (a journal entry from 7.24.2012)

Dear Universe,

For the first time in a long time I feel grounded and connected to everything/every being.  I feel comfortable in my own skin.  I am very busy, and it is like, the more busy work I do, the more information I am exposed to…the more figuring out I do.  I have possible projects…which will eventually lead me to a purpose (or several…who knows really).

I know I am just one little girl in this vast space and time

However, I also understand two things:

1. The butterfly effect

2. David Beats goliath

They tie together in the respect of three things:

1. Less is more

2. Little things (or people) are big things (people)


3. Just because your vessel (body) is small and vulnerable, doesn’t mean it isn’t powerful and potent beyond comprehension.


I underestimate myself…maybe that is a good thing…keeps me humble, hungry and driven…giving me the tools to defend and promote my ethical and moral standards:

Which basically just boils down to the Golden Rule.


When your intentions are pure and you fight to defend your moral and ethical standards (or what you believe in or defend those you love), you are given the chance to cause a butterfly effect with anyone who comes into contact with you [or the situation] to the point where, with a little focus, dedication, love and passion: you can take down ANY goliath that stands to harm.

So, I have got my slingshot…now I just need to find the right rocks and practice my aim.

Peace, love and the inner-David in us all.



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