“The Te of Piglet” by: Benjamin Hoff…Thoughts? Of course ;)

FYI: The following is a portion from the book “The Te of Piglet”.  (Pages 49-51)

Excellent book by the way…well worth the read.

“Little piglet-held back by imaginings and fears, yearning to be Someone-is the last animal one might expect to accomplish anything of importance.  And yet piglet is the material from which heroes are made.  Beneath the stalwart exterior of most any Courageous Rescuer, Gallant Fighter, or Great Achiever, a Piglet can be found, if one looks closely enough.  So it has always been, as history clearly shows; and so, we’re sure, it will always be.

“In many ways, Piglet may appear the least significant of the Pooh characters.  Yet he is the only one of them to change, to grow, to become more than what he was in the first place.  And in the end, he does this not by denying his smallness, but by applying it, for the good of others.  He accomplishes what he does without accumulating a Large Ego; inside, he remains a Very Small Animal-but a different kind of Very Small Animal from what he was before.

“For now, though, he hesitates and dreams.  He has a good deal to go through before the Great Storm at the end of  The House at Pooh Corner, which changes his life forever.

” ‘How would you sum up Piglet’s situation at this point, Pooh?’

‘With a song,’ said Pooh.

‘Wonderful.  I was hoping you would.’



Animal so shy and small,

dreaming you were Bold and Tall-

You hesitate, all sensitive,

Waiting for a chance to Live.


Time is swift, it races by;

Opportunities are born and die…

Still you wait and will not try-

A bird with wings who dares not rise and fly.


But that You you want to see

Is not you, and will never be.

No one else will ever do

The special things that wait

inside of you.


You can be a guiding star,

If you make the most of Who You Are.

And the sensitivity

That you’re now ashamed to see

Can be developed ever more,

So you can find the hidden doors

To places no one’s been before,

And the pride you’ll feel inside

Is not the kind that makes you fall-

It’s the kind that recognizes

The bigness found in being Small.

‘Thank you, Pooh. That was excellent.’

‘Well,’ said Pooh, ‘it was better than I’d thought it would be.’ 




Peace, Love and the inner Piglet.



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