Update…my non-love life in my love-filled life ;)


Yeah, I finally decided that the confusion, angst and frustrations I have been having are just not worth the Chemistry right now.

I feel more comfortable focusing on me…get myself stronger and more comfortable and happy in my own skin…I have been celibate for almost a year now so it is not like anything drastic is about to change based on the decision to not “play” the emotional tug-o-war with a man I have mutual attraction with.

Yeah, okay, I am sexually sorta frustrated at this moment…but hey, “this too shall pass” right? lol.

There are a ton of smokin’ hott guys in Zonieland to flirt with.

And I am not closed off to the idea that things can unfold in a positive direction with anyone (including the man I am referring to right now) … I am just going with the flow.

Going with the flow is all I really can do to be honest…I can fight it…but why????

(I reference the story in the beginning of “Illusions” by: richard bach…check it out if you want to.)

Okay, I have to go and put on a girly dress for a fancy dinner…

seems like family members are the only ones taking me out these days hahaha

It’s cool.  I am blessed to have a family that can still tolerate me enough to do so…and I can tolerate them enough to accept the invite 😉 lol

Okay…Love you all.

I think I will just swim in my uncertainty for a long while…water is nice…feel free to join if you get the urge…not sure how deep the water IS…but that is cool…I know how to swim for the most part.  And if I drown?  Well, that is one way to go down 😉

Peace, Love and distracting hobbies (best/only way I know to release that tension I spoke of previously…that and chocolate.lol).



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