Meet up dot comm(unity)


So yesterday I finally checked out this website my aunt had been telling me to go on because I was bitching about not having any friends out in Zonieland.

I decided to stop bitching about it, and actually make an effort.

I plugged in my area and clicked “find events” and the very first one was a modeling shoot for a cause I support…It was starting in 20 minutes, so I just threw some shit on, packed a bag, and hit the road.

I had no idea what to expect.  I left all my shit in the car at first, so I could check out the energy of the place and see if it was even something I wanted to do.

I went in and they were confused about where all my stuff was, I told them I was checking it out first.  I was not going to model for them if I was not “feelin’ it”.  [I am a single woman who likes to travel alone.  There are certain safety precautions to take when doing so…for one, I travel with weaponry…I have had martial arts training…I listen to my intuition, I constantly am looking all around me… and I ALWAYS make eye contact with anyone in my vacinity…I actually feel sorry for any poor unexpecting bastard who would try anything funny with me…anyhoo…as usual, I slip off topic]

A woman was running the show, the guys there were totally cool, and the girls were nice and none of it spelled “shaddy”…so I went and grabbed all my shit from the car.

Stayed there till almost four I think…then I went to work for a bit to catch up on some stuff…then back online just to see if anything was going on that night.  There was a group for 20 somethings so I said to myself “what the heck. Why not check it out”.  It was a bit of a drive, but it was cool.

Met a lot of down-to-earth professional types who were totally cool and nice.  I think I am going to hang out with them again friday night 🙂  The dude that runs the group paid for my drinks and food so Friday is my turn 😉

I love reading…but socializing is important too.

So this meet up situation worked out! I have a chance to win $500 buck-a-roo’s if I am voted for in this magazine modeling thing (which I could totally use right now…want to get my car checked out and pay a couple bills) and all that cost me was gas.

And the meet up with the 20 somethings brought me new friends who all seem to be intelligent and all have a good/decent sense of humor! I was talking to a couple of the techy dudes about a Mario Bro’s video game night.  He has a giant screen and 4 controllers!! I want to be Yoshi!!  😉 hehe

You know, I was going to SD to see this guy I have total chemistry with…and he would sit in front of the TV and play video games…and watching him got old…I think I would’ve had a lot more fun if he pulled out a second controller and taught me how to play better.

I just don’t find watching someone else have fun playing a game while we sit in silence all that date worthy…do you????? [just curious if I am alone on this one. lol]

I think I am going to be enjoying being single in a new town a lot more now.  😉

It is funny how guys are so worried about being “locked down”, but in actuality it is us women that really get our wings clipped when we are in a relationship.  Men might give up other women, but women give up a level of freedom that is really only worth giving up if it is the right man…and a nightmare if it isn’t[…trust me on that one…I have definitely had first hand experience…wont do that again!!!!]

In conclusion: meet up is way better for meeting new people (and potential dates) because you get to know people doing something that you already know you all/both like to do!!! Takes the guess-work out.

And it is a hell of a lot more fun to go out and do stuff than it is to sit inside and watch someone else play war-type video games in silence ALL the time.  I mean, once in a while, sure….but when that is your idea of a “date night”…come on dude….really?

Okay, enough about that. I have laundry and budgeting to get done…and maybe I will do a little reading…I am really enjoying The Te of Piglet” by ben hoff.  I was going to read it yesterday, but I ended up having a life instead 😉

Why let a silly thing like plans get in the way of living???

When I am flexable…the universe gives me more opportunities…I think it is because I am receptive and appreciative.

Peace, love and Meetin’ up.



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