Toning it back down a few notches…

Okay…so my last post was a bit emotional.  It was a total vent session.

I could delete it…but why delete honest feelings?

They happen…nothing to be ashamed or embarassed by.

Today was another spiritually driven day…lots of deconstruction…which is good.

I look at it like, the more that is removed or deconstucted, the more room there is for new things to make their way into my life that I actually could benifit from to help continue me on my path.

So…this morning I had another “car” situation and it sent me over the edge.

I was on my way to the MVD to get a local ID and I ended up hanging out with another cop.  He told me that registration was really high in this state cuz they use it as a means to aquire property tax…

I made a decision.

I am giving my family the car this weekend.  I am cancling the insurance and I am getting a bicycle.

I called my cousin…she said she would take me if I had somewhere I couldn’t get on a bike…and my nana said I can borrow her car once in awhile.

It is scarry…having a car has been what I have associated with the idea of freedom…

but right now, that car is my master…

So. I told my family.  They were supportive.  And it couldn’t have come at a better time, because my family could really use the car right now.

Between “cleaning house” romantically, physically (literally going through my stuff)…and now “cleaning house” financially…pretty soon there will be enough room in my life for some super amazing awesome-ness to take place and fill the natural and healthy void 😉

Another healthy lesson in patience happened for me today:

I went to the MVD to get a local license…filled out the info online before I went…got there, got my number, took my picture and then waited….

and waited….

and waited….

and waited some more…

1.5 hours goes by and a voice comes on over the speaker “System is down. Not sure when it will come back up. Wait for your number to be called to receive priority for another visit.”


I waited…

20 minutes later, I get my voucher and ask the woman at the front as I am about to leave “what do you think? will the system be back up soon or should I come back another day?”

She recommended I wait it out and have faith.  I took her advice.

Sat next to a man who had just lost his wallet and was going to start a new job in a couple days.  He didn’t have the 12 dollars to get a renewall, went to get a voucher…but the booth for that was closed. I told him if I had change I would hook him up.

10 minutes later the voice was back on over the loud speaker “system is back up! come to the front to get a new number!”

another 15 minutes…and I had my ID in hand…and the dude had his 12 bucks to get a license.

I know first hand what it is like to need a helping had.  The Universe has always provided my what I need (even if I think I need something different…lol) and it is my duty to flow the love when I feel the tugging urge at my soul to do so.

Today was my reminder: Have faith in my own subconcious and my own manifestations…I get what I ask for…I asked for the ablility to save money, be left alone by the authorities and exersise more…and by golly….that is exactly what I got!!!!

Becareful what you wish for because you will get it.

Not the way you think…like…ever!….but it totally happens in its own way in its own due time.

Lesson???? Let go a little more…breathe and smile and relax a little more…appreciate everything as it is…and believe in the power of me and the universal energy a little more.  At least…that is what I got out of it 😉

Okay…I am sooo mentally and physically exhausted.  Too much mental processing.  Passing out sounds better than amazing sex right now….well, almost ;P

Peace, Love and humble appreciation for the lessons I thought I had already learned…heh…



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