Getting my Mojo back…yeahh baby…yeahhhhh ;)

Just for clarification and to keep the record straight:

I am still celibate….let’s see…mid-november of last year so that’s…almost 9.5 months???

And yes, this was a personal choice…not for lack of opportunity 😉

Just three more months till I hit my year marker…

It has been easier than I initially thought it was going to be….A few tempting moments here and there…but close is not all the way 😉

I get a little sexually frustrated sometimes…but I am not tempted to submit to just any man.

I thought I was there with one…but I found out a few days ago that I was wrong….not the first time I was wrong and certainly wont be the last time.

So last night, went back to the office late to get a couple things done…

The smokin’ cute man who also works in the office building, “D”, was there late as well…and we ended up talking for hours about all sorts of stuff…from life, legalization of marijuana, how prescription meds/alcohol/cigg’s/ even our food kills more people daily than marijuana has ever….seeing as how it hasn’t directly killed anyone that I know of….

I also put my two cents in about how the fear-based behavior within the MJ community is what causes the separation…stealing from each other, calling authorities on each other, etc. is counter-productive. and if we united against the tax-collecting pirates (I mean, feds, DEA and local law enforcement attacking peaceful farmers) we would have more success in our request of freedom in our “free” country…anyhoo.

We also talked about future plans, what we want to do with our lives, goals, and we even had a long convo about football and basketball.

Mainly football…all I could say about basketball was that even though I am from LA, I can’t stand Kobe…I think he is a douche bag…D reminded me that even though Kobe’s ego sucks and his character sucks…he is a great ballplayer…sometimes it just doesn’t matter how you feel about things…they just are the way they are 😉 which…he is right to an extent.

So, all in all it was such a nice night…the hours just flew by.

It may not go anywhere past friendship, but it is nice to know a smoking hott 3-year-younger man finds you attractive, interesting, intelligent and worth pursuing.  Compliment taken

He said “Girls are smarter than boys already, and you are smarter than most girls…I think I can keep up with you”

I love that line…never heard it before and it defiantly got my attention.

So, yeah….deconstruction in my love-life with A is leaving room for new great men to enter and pursue me…

There are a lot of amazing men out there and I am ready to get to know some of them and see what may or may not “pan out”…

Plus, unless I find Mr. Awesome-o who loves to travel, who is flexible, who fits my criteria from my love-manifesto, who gets along with my friends and who loves my random-whimsical ways….

well, unless all of that….then traveling solo with my gal pal just sounds like a better plan 😉

Peace, love and Mojo.



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