The Deconstruction Game…a good thing…

Just to gain some clarification:

I have been to a number of different schools.  Private, Public, Catholic-based, Scientology-based, non-denominational, Small, Large, homogenized, mixed, and all with differing educational focuses.

With that said, I will be touching on something I learned at the Scientology-based high school I attended.  Something that has stuck with me since the first time I heard it:

“Proper deconstruction is needed before proper construction may occur” L.R.H. is accredited with this quote…whether or not he originated it, I am not sure…sorta doubt it…but could be possible.

I have spit this quote out to people of all walks of life, for all sorts of reasons with all sorts of examples tied to it to help them understand why things go “shitty” or “fall apart”.

The typical example I use is “you don’t want to build a brand-new beautiful home on a cracked foundation? You want to tare that foundation up and pour a new slab first!!!”

I am usually pretty good about spotting in my own life and taking whatever is falling-apart in my life with a grain-of-salt and an ounce of appreciation.  I am also pretty good about keeping my perspective positive:
“Well, these not-so-awesome at the moment things are going on right now…so I choose to believe it is because something super awesome is about to go down and I am making room for it in my life when other things/people/etc. shift out of my life.  Fill the void sorta deal…

The past few years a lot has deconstructed in my life. A LOT!!!

I think:

1. The move to Zonieland, back to being dependent on my family for a place to rest my head and a job to earn my bread…

2. The regular harassment I have received from law enforcement…

3. The financial losses and issues…

4. The romantic relationship I invested in…falling apart…

5. The decision to get rid of my car and get a bicycle…

6.  Just random things not working out or not going at the pace which I think they should go…

7. Not being in a position to do the things I initially felt were important and not having the time I thought I would have…

All these things and more are BIG deconstruction issues each individually, and they are all happening simultaneously.

So, I called my friend, and she reminded me of the quote I always spout out to her about “Proper deconstruction being necessary before proper construction may occur” and she said something else…

She said “Well, heck! ALL THAT STUFF falling apart and moving out of your life…you will have a HUGE void to fill with amazing and positive things and people.  And hey, did you not ASK the universe for major life-changing things? Like traveling, saving money, help people in some major way, writing a book or three, getting in great shape, getting rid of that car, and finding your awesome-soul-mate-best-friend lover and life partner? And I am sure you asked for a few more things than just that!”

I couldn’t say anything other than, “Yeah. You’re right.  I did ask for all those things. It doesn’t make dealing with all the crazy stuff going on in my life any easier”

It is like, we preach what we need to learn the most…

And I understand why now…

so that all those people we preached to…can hold us accountable when it is time for us to learn our lesson 😉

Now is my time.

I am not perfect. Never claimed to be and never will claim to be.

I also know when it is time to admit when I am wrong…and now is another one of those times.

It feels good to be wrong…cause I will fight on something till I am proven wrong…and when or IF I am PROVEN wrong…it hurts so good…cause it means I am learning something…

I don’t just take what other people say as fact…but when their argument and evidence holds strong…well, I am cool with a little bit of humility (or a lot of it, as the case may be)


Peace, Love and a lil’ healthy deconstruction.



Many Blessings.



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