Give-Fest…closer to fruition

Meditated on Monday while in Sedona.

Right as I finished the last word of my two hour mantra…

my grandmother came to me and told me she had a possible location for me to do the Give-fest.

I was stressed out about having so much stuff that is totally nice and useful…and now I understand why I do:

because if I am going to set up a Give-Fest (like the ones I have been to in San Diego) I am going to have to lead by example, so I am glad I have a ton of awesome stuff because I can give away things at every Give-Fest I set up!

I think I am going to organize a Give-Fest with a church, then one for the LGBT community, one for the “People for Safe Access” community, and whatever other communities that would be willing and happy to participate.

We shall see how it goes….I think I am going to wait till it at least gets a little cooler out…it is just too hot outside to organize it just yet…maybe Oct./Nov. or something.

Peace, Love and Give-Fests.


*Give-Fest: It is a Free Market.  A market where you bring whatever you want to give away, and you can take whatever you want.  No money is exchanged.  Cool part about it is, some people give nothing, some people give a TON, Some people take nothing, some people take a TON…so at the end of the day it all evens out.  Plus, there is no stress about anyone “steeling” your stuff…cause that is sorta the whole point of it..

Wild, I know….but seriously the coolest thing ever!

I have picked up some amazing stuff at a free market and I have given away a TON of awesome stuff there as well.  A friend of mine gave a walker away and a man using a broken cane was stoked to get it!  I gave some ties to a man who got a new job and I picked up “The Te Piglet” by Benjamin Hoff off a woman’s blanket that was sitting next to a toaster and “A Course In Miracles” (which I also grabbed).

It is the perfect visual balance of giving and receiving.  If you want to do a study about economics and the value of goods…this would be an excellent thing to set up in your area!!!!  Actually, if you are studying anything to do with human nature/interaction, business/statistics, etc. this would be a great experiment to set up. …I’m just sayin….  😉


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