Let the Change Begin ;)

I rode my bicycle to work today for the first time.


I was so overwhelmed with thoughts of how not having a car would all go down…

The ride to work was exhilarating!

The wind in my hair, the sun beating down on my glistening skin (cause the moment you walk outside you are drenched in sweat…haha), all the smokin’ hott guys (I will never speak to…but always fantasize about) jogging along my route, and a smile on my face.

I get it now.

I totally get it.

Not sure how I will feel when it rains yet, but I will cross that proverbial bridge when I come to it 😉


9/5/12 Update:

It rained yesterday.  hahaha

The day I wrote this post and talked about the rain…it poured!!!! LOL

I was totally down and ready to bicycle back in the pouring rain…and then one of my co-workers came up and offered me a ride!

I sometimes feel like it is a test from the Universe…like:  “Are you committed to your decision a? or are you just talkin’ smack?”   lol

Oh, I was committed.  I was in the process of getting excited about it…and then, my bicycle and I were offered a ride 😉


Peace, Love and bicycles.



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