Quick update in the Mojo Dept…

I have a date tonight!!!!!!!!

I will update the post afterwards and let you all know how it went…sorta excited 😉

Someone I met on that meetup dot com thing…

wish me good vibes and great conversation!


Date went swimmingly 🙂 cute, great conversation, intelligent/borderline nerdy (which I love), picked me up, took to an amazing dinner and we hung out after and talked about all sorts of random stuff.

We shall see if anything comes of it…I try not to attach to any outcomes these days…I have seen where that has gotten me before and it is never a good idea…so…

I am happy it went well. If he calls and asks me out again I would totally go.  If not, well, had a great time with a great man!


Another Update as of yesterday 9/3/12:

I heard from him on Sunday 9/2/12, wondering what I was up to.  I was in Sedona so I was unavailable, but it was nice to hear from him 🙂

I also ended up hearing from a man that wanted to take me out a few months ago in cali but we could never get our schedules to match up, and another younger man that seems interested in me too but I think he just wants to play…and there are plenty of other girls out here in Zonieland for that…so he is barking up the wrong legs 😉  I told him that, but I think he just enjoys flirting…which is totally fine with me!!!

It is all practice, I never know what the universe has in store for me, but I am willing to jump in and experience different lifestyles and perspectives to see if any of them “match” or fit with me and mine.

I think it is good for both sides because it helps each person fine-tune what they are/are not looking for in a life partner.

The craziest part about all this happening on the 3rd was that I have had dreams about “A” most every night since the big unnecessary “drama” and I was really sad on Monday…sad about the coulda-beens and about the emotional connection we started to create…that I initially didn’t want to start doing and I now wish I didn’t let him talk me into.

I talked to my gal pal and she helped talk me “over” a lot of the perspectives…cause a few of them were just me idealizing a man that was clearly not who I thought he was.  She also reminded me that letting him go was going to open me up for happiness with my self and open me up for amazing opportunities.

She ordered me to look at my reflection right at that moment (I used a store front window…pretending to look at a piece of art…lol) and tell myself how amazing and capable I am and how my future is what I make it…and remind myself that the only person I am in need of love from is…well…myself!!  Literally just a few hours later I heard from the men I was talking about above…  😉

Thank god the universe works in mysterious ways and creates the right connections at the right times.

Peace, love and getting back in the game.



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