;D I get it now

I get it now.

And I am super excited about it!

I was so depressed and feeling sorry for myself about not having my soul mate yet, and not being with the person I thought I was supposed to be with.

But I get it now!

I am getting what I asked for….time.

I am getting time.

Time to figure out what I reallllllyyyyy want to be open to find.

I am kind of excited about being single for the first time in a long ass time.

I am excited to work on myself.

I am excited to grow into who I know I am deep down.

I am soooo excited to travel with my friend(s) and learn about the world and see what is going on….

I am excited to center myself and get myself balanced…

This is my chance to shine and instead of throwing a bullshit pitty party…I want to celebrate!!!!

Now is my time.

I am blessed to have gone through all the crazy shit I have gone through….I am blessed to have witnessed the ugly and understand the evils of this world….and now it is time to allow myself the opportunity to appreciate the beauties and the goodness of all things.

It is 12am on Wednesday….I will be attending my first Norml meeting after work today, and I will be starting my day with a fresh new perspective.

Thank you god, universe, jah, allah, whatever you want to be called…..thank you.

I get it now.  ;D

Peace, Love and possibilities.



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