Proper deconstruction…the elaboration….

A new layer to “deconstruction before proper construction”

Sooooo….(I love that introduction lol)

I am talking to my good gal pal about our evenings…and our “deconstruction before proper construction” lesson came about again.

An addition was made…

My addition was:

DELIBERATE  deconstruction leads to a more precise and beneficial construction.

Another building example:

Instead of just bulldozing the building and ripping up the foundation and just dumping all that shit, jumbled up, in a dumpster…

You take out all the copper plumbing and you give them to your friend the plumber, you take all the glass and give it to your glass blowing friend, you take your oak and your cedar and your redwood and give it to your woodworking/furniture making friend, and random parts and pieces to your modern artist friend, etc.

You purposefully deconstruct and take the parts of your life and the things you are no longer using and you distribute them  into the universe through the proper channels….

THEN, you start to lay down a proper foundation…THEN, and only THEN, do you start to construct and build up.

And the amazing part is, when you do that, you are not only getting things/energy moving in their proper direction…but you are making stronger bonds with people, you are facilitating their growth and their ability to contribute and take care of themselves and their loved ones…so that when you start telling them about how you are finally working on building up your new foundation and new structure…your friends…your true friends…don’t need you to ask them to help you build and create…they will help you without you having to say a word….they will contribute to your life and your “constructing” without any expectation of you giving back/reciprocating because that is what you did for them….

Love and share and consider those around you and you will be loved, shared with and considered.

It all is starting to make just a little more sense to me now.

Kinda cool.  😉

Peace, love and the proper intention.



4 thoughts on “Proper deconstruction…the elaboration….”

  1. I really enjoyed your take and different perception on education and I would have to say I agree in many ways! My blog is all about education perhaps you could give me some feedback through your perceptions!
    Great job!!

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