Update on my bicycle love topic

I rode my bike to work Tuesday and Wednesday…which is really only about a mile or two away…

Last night I biked about 8 miles or so to my first Phoenix NORML meeting and it took me about 40 or so minutes.

It was great!!!!

I wasn’t sure how it was going to go because I would be riding home at night, didn’t know the streets or neighborhoods and such…but it worked out fantastically!

I got there, no problem, I got back no problem and I am getting to know Zonie drivers on a whole new level now…I am learning the roads, the sidewalks, the conditions of the streets and the neighborhoods…

I am learning about the people in different areas…

I am learning about my stamina and my ability to ride longer distances…

I felt so great when I got home that night. I felt on top of my little world!

I am learning just how capable I am!

Peace, Love and the wind in my hair!



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