Kinda funny…

Kinda funny how I got my herbs last night,

Toked this morning before work…

and I am having a very productive morning booking meetings ūüėČ



yet sotra strange how my favorite herb is associated with laziness and forgetfulness…

Cuz…I usually have creative, positive, productive, relaxing and happy days…

and my nights are restful now…


I think that maybe the people who talk shit about it either:

A) Are not knowledgeable about their strains and aren’t using the right ones for the right reasons

B) Are completely in the dark about it because they have never tried the right herbs for the particular issue(s) they are having (or have never toked before so they honestly only know what they hear…which is called hear-say…not credible)

C) They are doing other drugs/pills/have another addiction of their own that they are trying to deflect attention by pointing their finger at someone who is doing something different. ¬†Diversion¬†tactics…

D) Or they are profiting from attacking peaceful tokers/growers/etc. so they have to be against legalization…otherwise they (Federal Government Members, State Government Members, Military People who are assigned to this sort of bullery, etc.) would have to learn a new skill that requires a¬†conscience¬†or at least requires less piracy, actually do something productive and helpful for our society, take ownership of the fact that they fkd up, admit this is not as free of a country [as we would all like to believe it is…and continue to fight for/believe in], and they would probably have to¬†acknowledge¬†the fact that allowing companies that produce¬†pharmaceuticals¬†and food products that have¬†ingredients¬†meant to cause our bodies and minds more issues and problems for profit is probably not the most ethical way of going about things…and their Karma in their current/next life is totally fkd.



anyhoo…gotta go to a meeting.

Write more later.

Peace, Love and Understanding.



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