Totally Interesting day…sorta random…

I had a random day.

The 80/20 LAW (where it is believed 80% of rewards come from focused 20% labor, rather than the current business modus operandi…which is currently expected to be busy 80% of the time, but we produce about 20% of what we could….I like the law) came up a few times in my activities.

I spent 80% of my day doing the regularly requested busy work, thinking about ways to do things and figure out new more efficient ways to do things…as well as communicate with those around me to build stronger bonds with my co-workers and get to know them, and I spent 20 % of my time physically carrying out activities that I feel/know will produce 80% of the rewards…

I went through care givers and found that about 20% of the ones I found seem awesome and about 80% of them seem like they don’t really give a shit about patients or anything…so….whatever on that one.   Bitchen part was…the one I did find…totally cool guys….Loved talking to smokin cutie dude in the back who answered all my questions and knew his shit….(you bet your ass I tested his smokin hott ass…can’t be hanging out there with a dude who doesn’t know whats what)…he was on point…sooo he is smart, cute, interesting, and standing up for something bigger than himself….gotta admire the dude.  Close to my spot, not too much product…but the stuff they did have was dank…and prices were reasonable. Other good stuff, but not going to get into it.

I dwindled the after-work activities I had lined up from 80% of a full night, to about 20% of a full night…so…instead of going to cute.excellent chiropractor guy, and chill ladies at that office….to date with the cute Indian doctor….I bicycled to my (thank god) close care giver and made it home with plenty of time to relax and cook an amazing dinner for myself….

So…now…I got to do what I needed to do tonight…which was relax and rest my muscles and my brain for awhile….dick off on this blog thing…(my current brain candy)…and hop into bed soon after a nice shower. Dude…sounds awesome.

Great random day…have two dates lined up this weekend…both guys I met on this meet up dot com website doing random and fun activities….dinner turned out bomb…and now I have a couple of my bosses asking if they can pick my brain…kinda cool…yet totally random.

Okay, love you all…hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow…cause i know I will 😉 I get to hang out with my new friend J and she is gonna bring some gluten free pasta over (yeay) and we are going to go swimming.

Looking forward to making new friends.

Looking forward to biking just to work and back tomorrow..(cause the last few days I have kinda challenged myself considering I haven’t been on a bike in awhile…yay on relaxing pool time!

That is one thing about zonieland…night swimming so funnnnn….and warmm….and relaaaxing….

Looking forward to work too actually…kinda having fun there at the moment….

Peace, love and chillin’ out.



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