“You miss 100% of the shots you never take.”-Wayne Gretzky


This is my little space in my cubbie where I put things that make me smile and remember things and past experiences with people, and concepts I like to think about.




“Couple’s Tao Te Ching” by William Martin

(a must have for me)


Heart of a Buddha…A free book the Amida Society gives away..


A quote by Wayne Gretzky on a little square cardboard thing…a couple of PARA-GRAMS by Paramahansa Yogananda…

Next to the white and blue (out of shot) is “My Ordinary Extraordinary Yard” by Greg Peterson…to remind me of my self-sustaining goals..

and then a bunch of shells, rocks a Luck Tree with a finger rosary and bells handing on it…a Seedless Label off a shirt or something…a bundle of SAGE, a ONE LOVE glass piece to hang on a necklace or something if I wanted to (Got it at the Tucson Gem & Mineral Trade show years ago)…and a little tiny cannon…I think my nana gave it to me from one of her trips…or I got it on one of my trips…can’t remember…

I like the little cannon…it reminds me that though, I don’t WANT to fight…when I need to…it is appropriate to bring out the big guns or go home.



And this is a W magazine….I just have it out because I love this picture of Clive owen and Nicole Kidman….he just looks at her the right way…if there was a right way this would be it, rather…

It is this gaze that says “you are the sexiest woman I have ever seen and I can’t take my eyes off you or get your body out of my head. I want you now…but I am controlling myself till I get to have you later”

Dude, when I have been blessed to have a man look at me this way….it turns me on so high.  I love it.


And she has this face that just says “God you are so fkn hott I can’t even look at you right now…I don’t know if this is wrong or right but you sure feel good”


And then there is my tea in the picture, because I recently gave up coffee (no easy task dude…that and the car…big deals for me to relinquish)

So, between my tea, my “love picture” and my little “Balance” corner, my music and wordpress during lunch…and my freedom to relax how I want before and after work…just makes the days easier to get through in my cubbie world.


The title of my post is not what you thought this blog was going to be about…keeping you on your toes 😉 Just never know what you are going to get with me.

Peace, Love and Lunch Breaks.



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