The siesta recommendation…

It is 8:35 and I am excited to sit here and write.  I use to be anti-blog and computer diary…but now, i kinda enjoy it a little…

I honestly didn’t think anyone would read it, and that didn’t bother me…but the fact that some people do read it and enjoy it…kinda inspires me a little…

I am not 100% sure where this one will go, but I am cool with being just as surprised as you are where my content is headed on my 41st blog post.

I didn’t ride my bike to work today…I got a call from family and was offered a ride and told it was pouring outside…again…

So, I got a ride from my sister to work, and a ride from my uncle on my way back to the house…no bike ride today…

I think I need to get a more water resistant backpack that distributes weight better so it is not hurting my back…and maybe a basket on the front…I have a rain jacket….I will figure out riding my bike in the rain sooner than later…


Okay, my high-as-a-kite work day went awesome!

I was relaxed, pain-free, I wasn’t an irritable bitch (PMS kinda does that to me sometimes) and I had a great energy, I problem solved pretty awesome-o, got quite a few meetings set up…and practiced my 80%/20% Law…(see one of my previous posts on this) which I think helped me!  Because my attention was focused on a few things and I took my time to think about the proper way to say something or do something…I was more efficient and effective.

I think people should be able to dick-off (have a good time) during the day…keeps things from getting monotonous and stressful and in some cases, miserable…lol) Taking time to process things and think about them is a huge part of being good and innovative at what you do…yes, structure is important too, for sure…however, a healthy balance would lead to happier, healthier more efficient employees.  It is the golden rule…treat your employees better and they will work better for you.  If you are a dick to your employees, expect nothing less in return.

I recommend siestas….

Okay…Good Night.

Peace, love, and a highly-productive work day.



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