Proof Read this later…Gotta go check on my macaroons ;)

Great weekend….great week actually.


I have been blessed giving up that car…which I loved appreciated being able to have…that car went through everything and is still kickin’ ass and takin names.


The bike is awesome.


Great exercise…slows me down…gets me appreciating everything around me a little more…Puts me in a position to have to trust people more…which is also good.


I biked to Sprouts…When I got there I realized I totally forgot the key to the bike lock so I asked one of the guys that works there to keep an eye on it…

He did me one better, he brought my bike in the store and sat it up front.  Totally cool dude.

I packed my bag with my groceries (I got stuff to make macaroons and sweet potato cookies) and rode back the house.


It was heavy, but I was good…I can feel myself getting in better shape.


No one was there so I had enough time to start the macaroons and put everything away.


Now, I am waiting for some friends to come over and go swimming.


I am kinda tired after a busy day today (and evening last night)….but the swim will be nice and relaxing.


Yesterday I worked during the day, then I went on a date with the Indian man from Detroit…what an interesting combination…I like how his personality is unfolding…he is reserved and smart and seems like a good person…but he also has this bad-ass sorta undertone that makes him pretty sexy…I told him last night on our second date, that there were two things he had to know about me: 1) I am a stoner…and if he wasn’t cool with that, it was not going to work for us 2)I am not going to be easy and i want to get to know someone first…so if he is looking for something super physical right off the bat, I am not the one son, but if you are looking to get to know me I am down with that.  Also, I told him, even if he isn’t interested in continuing to date me, I have a ton of friends he can meet and I am cool being friends.

He contacted me today and we chatted for a minute…so I think that is a good sign.

I like him…that is sorta why I had to break it down to him so soon…I am a bit attracted to him and if that shit scares him off, then that means he wasn’t for me and I wasn’t for him and we might as well get that shit over with quick-like.

As for my date with the other guy, we had a blast at a burger joint and bowling…my only concern is, I don’t share common interests and likes and dislikes as much, and the chemistry is not as there as it should be.  This is date two, so he has one more date and if it doesn’t feel comfortable or right, I will let him know I don’t feel how he feels, but i am down to be friends (I know, kiss of death…but hey, you are by the friends you keep, and if he likes me, he might like one of my friends who likes him back….so really, I am doing the dude a favor by offering friendship….I don’t want to be friends with everybody…opportunity breeds more opportunity.)


Okay…gotta go check on my macaroons 🙂  Hopefully they are awesome!!!!


Changing my perspective about things has changed my life and continues to change my life…for the better.


Peace, Love and Macaroons.



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