I woke up about half an hour ago, itchy, from mosquito bites.

I think I am going to start going to bed with a few layers on.  I would much rather sweat while I sleep, than wake up with several bug bites.

I also need to increase my onion and garlic intake. That will keep those little menaces to society off my luscious veins.


I keep thinking about my last post…the one about spending more money, having faith in my job, blah blah blah…

And I need to alter that a little bit.


It is not the job that is affording me to visit my friends, or even think about having them visit me…because I really do not get paid enough…however, since getting rid of my car and knocking out car insurance and the car payments and gas and oil, etc….THAT is the choice that is allowing me a few extra dollars to visit my friend and go sailing, or fly to O.C. to volunteer for a friend of mine.

I probably need to be saving some of this money right now…I am going to actively work on that next.

I think I got a little ahead of myself and I need to still remember that just because it is in my bank account right now, doesn’t mean I will always have it there to turn to.


I also need to remind myself that I have a few goals I want to meet.

1) Set up that “give-fest”/free market out here

2) Greatly downsize how much stuff I have

3) Get my extra income from selling my friends jewelery coming in

4) Save up as much as I can for the trip I am going to take with my gal pal early next year

5) Figure out my next step in this whole “life game”

*I think on that last one, I need to go back to Chris’ book “The Art of Non-conformity” because he actually has some interesting “goal setting” lists and “accomplishments I’ve made” lists that help with tracking progress made and progress to be made.


Now it is almost 3:30AM

I have a date tonight after work…I think I want to get a few more minutes of shut eye, if possible…or maybe I will just toke up and get my day started…

Think I might make fried rice with veggies for lunch…hmmmm….

Okay, patio, then kitchen…then maybe another post….who knows…


Sometimes I’m in the mood to write, sometimes not.  Gotta take advantage of the “flow” of ideas…even at 3 in the morning.










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