Moving forward.

I feel more comfortable moving forward from past experiences than I did a few weeks ago.

I also am putting more faith in this job opportunity and spending money on things I would not have been able to before.

It is not that I am being wasteful, it is that I am spending money on things that are good for me and will stimulate the economy because I have a little faith that I will be able to work for a bit…if that is the way it works out..

So, right now, I am focused on being a little good to a lot of people, over a lot of good to a little people…let’s see how it works out for me.

I think I am going to take a shower and go to sleep.

I am exhausted and I had a long ass day today…I have been super productive at work the last few days…feeling really good about myself and all the stuff I have been accomplishing…time for a hott shower and peaceful sleep.

-just: me.


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