My notes on the date…

Not sure how the Indian man will work out…

I only say that, because I honestly am so polar opposite of this guy on a few things it is not even funny…

He drinks, I toke…

He is a very clean and organized person…me, in the same sentence as “clean & organized” is sort of a joke…I am not dirty, but I am not washing my hands all the time or whatever….I like to build up anti-bodies in my environment.


I might be a little much for him…I might be a little much for most guys out there if I am being honest…


Or maybe I am just over thinking all of it…and I can feel his nervous excitement when we hang out…which kinda makes me nervous a little bit.

He said: “I think I know you pretty well already”… I said: “There is no way you can get to know someone in three dates…let alone in most people’s lifetimes.  There is always something new to learn about someone (cause we are constantly growing and changing)”

He is a quick thinker…he is cute to me…he smells good…I kinda like his glasses actually…

lol…he put them on before we left to take me home, and I said “what do you wear glasses for?” and he said, “oh…yeah, I guess that is something you don’t know about me. I wear glasses” then told me why.

I said “cool”

and that was it.


He told me I got very philosophical and political the last time we hung out…I replied. “yeah, I kinda do that sometimes”

and that was done.


Oh, and one other conversation I really enjoyed was…we had gone off on this tangent about religious people/groups accepting money in exchange for relics.  He mentioned that the supposed descendant of the original Bodhi tree that Siddhartha sat under, when you visit the area, you can buy a leaf from the tree that they have turned into bookmarks…

I mentioned how I heard when the Catholics receive a huge donation, the donating party gets a splinter of the supposed cross Jesus died on…

Then I made some comment about how idolizing these relics and using them to gain financially is probably not what Siddhartha or Jesus had in mind when they broke out on their missions.

He just kinda, looked at me…I think the deal is: when you first meet me, you honestly don’t believe the things/topics that come out of my mouth.

S and I have grown up in different cultures and religions…but we have enough in common so far…


Oh, one last thing…thought this was interesting…

He asked if I dated a lot of doctors. I said no, I have never dated a doctor before…then he said, your type is probably successful musician type…I said, “One was…but really, every single ex I’ve had was passionate about very different things…that was actually what attracted me to them…I was attracted to the fact that whatever they did do, they loved to do it, and they were excited about it and worked at being good at what ever it was.”

As we were walking to the car, he asked how many times a day I toked up…I said jokingly “every half hour I have an alarm set…just kidding…once or twice and sometimes not at all.  It really just depends on my stress and pain levels.”

He was fine with that answer…

I could ask him the same thing about his drinking…but I didn’t.  I just let it go.



All in all, I like S…we have fun together and enjoy each other’s company for the most part…he wants to see more of me…so I guess I haven’t scared him off just yet…and I don’t mind seeing him again, so I guess he is in the clear for the moment too 😉




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