Not what I would concider ‘my type’…

Okay, so he is not what I would consider my type…if I do indeed have any sort of ‘real’ type…

Let us say this, he is like no one I have ever dated before…

He is nice, and has just enough of the assertion that I like where he isn’t boring…but not too much where I feel anything other than excitement.

I gotta see how his temper is though.  He might not have that under wraps.

And I enjoy his company more than I initially thought I would…he has a passion for something.


Almost didn’t respect my boundaries…I like to know that when I tell you no, I can feel comfortable enough to trust you with me.  I am flattered that he wants me, but I also know I gotta get to know you better.

It takes time to get to know someone well enough.


That is enough about this…I want to get ready for work and head out early. 😀



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