New achievement

You are just one quick step away from beginning to make progress. Take that first step, and start to put momentum on your side.

Don’t continue pouring your time, energy and resources into staying comfortably where you are. Invest yourself in new achievement, new experience and new fulfillment.

The biggest regrets are for opportunities missed, for actions not taken. Instead of creating future regrets, use this day to create present and future value.

Use this day to do something useful, purposeful and meaningful. Feel how great it feels to make a real difference, and commit yourself to continue feeling it.

Don’t let your doubts hold back your actions. Instead, take action and let those actions erase your doubts.

The opportunities are here for you, so choose to be here today for them. Get up, get going, get started and get on with bringing new value and achievement to your world.

— Ralph Marston


I mean, he is right….if I am gonna do it, I might as well do it right…why do it all if you aren’t going to do it well?

Enjoy the sexual innuendo, but seriously….lol

I am just one step away from making progress…because one more step means progress.


I wont stress myself out about it, but I will do a good job…or at least…the best job I can do at that time.


And I am more of a firm believer in the idea of do your best, but if you come to the determination/feeling that you want to change it up and move on, that is okay too.  So, yeah, if you know it is an opportunity, give it your best…and when you know it is time to move on, that is okay too.

I don’t believe that there is one set way to live a life…you can put everything into something, someone, someplace  and still lose out cause that is just what happens sometimes…or you can put a little into something and it reap major rewards…I am not sure why that sometimes happens…i guess maybe cause sometimes we are more able with some tasks/things or around certain people… than others.

Important to find your “nitche” in life.

That’s my perspective…I am sure you have your own take on it…

Thank god everyone sees everything just a little different from the next person because it just makes this life more interesting.






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