Cubbie conflict and the ebb and flow of life…+luv update.

My sister, whom I would also consider my friend, said something very interesting to me today.

She said, “I got a job offer for a non-prof. org and when I told our aunt, our aunt was offended at the thought”…it’s weird…totally weird, how some people, are only happy for you if they are benefiting from your choice…

For example: my sister is working for my aunt and she is doing an awesome job…my aunt tells my sister to go out and look for another job…then she finds one, and my aunt is upset. I think mainly because she found my sister work…and my sister is finding options…

But here is the deal, if you don’t treat your employees as well as you want to be treated, then how can you expect them to not be sold to the next highest offer?

(Careful though about what someone considers ‘balance’….cause it could be different from your own deffinition…learned that one the hard way).

when you pay someone way less than what it even costs to survive, that, my friend, is the definition of slavery.


I am not complaining about it…I am just saying….it is what it is.

We might as well be real about it.


I think I am going to stop tokin for a bit.  It has done its job, I am not as stressed as I was and my head is clear and I have been positive about things.  I try to do things in moderation…keeps side effects down…because there are side effects to everything…I had entropy explained to me that way once…she explained entropy like it was the relationship of a black hole to a star…like the balance of the two…the balance of deconstruction and construction….the balance of negative and positive charges. Every star has a black hole…so every positive has a negative, and so if you live in moderation, you actually keep your own personal level of entropy very low because you are moderate in your consumption and creation…

It explains to me the idea of ebb and flow…the ebb and flow of the tide and the ebb and flow of life and things and people and places….everything comes and goes in strides….so the larger step you take the greater the effect and the greater the destruction of some kind….either destruction of a preconceived notion (that is proven to be wrong by a new idea)…or destruction of a way of life (that proves to longer fit in your long-term goals for yourself because your goals are greater).

So not all deconstruction is bad.


Okay…I started in the cubbie world…and I moved into a discussion on the ebb and flow of life…lol…

I am going to get some food and do some laundry…take an awesome shower (it is amazing how much more you enjoy a shower when you have experienced not being able to take one for a while for some reason or another…I guess that is like most things/people/places…the more space between the times when you are around something, the more you miss it and appreciate it when it finally comes back around….like a little blessing)

On that note, goodnight everyone…hope we all have awesome dreams tonight.


PS, quick update on S. My nana said to me, if he makes me happy and he has got a good head on his shoulders, all that stupid shit I have been worried about, not a problem.  You can compromise and work through the stupid stuff.  It is the important issues, like compatibility, that make more of a difference…cause that is hard enough as it is.

I upped that up a notch though…I feel more comfortable with a man who excites me with his passion for life, is willing to explore new things and places, and who is not scared to adjust himself when he knows it is the right thing to do. Because I want to be able to do the same around him.

Cereal kids, I am hungry and gotta go….night.



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