My lessons.

Maybe it is sorta strange to have the goals I have….

Maybe it is weird that I gave up my car for a bicycle…..

Maybe it is odd that I am working to save up to travel around the world and not for a house or something else important that I am socially expected to have…

Maybe it is kinda different that I enjoy teaching people new things randomly…and I also looovveee learning something new….

Maybe my passions and my goals are different…

But honestly, who cares?

Why does it matter what everyone else thinks ALL the time….I mean, yeah, sometimes I follow and it matters, but not on everything.  I don’t always agree…

because I know that at the end of the day, I am really the only person that has to wake up with myself each morning.


Dealing with other people:

Sometimes other people bug the shit out of me (sometimes I Bug the shit out of other people I am sure)…I don’t always agree or totally get along with people in my immediate environment.  And that is okay, cause that is how conflict and compromise are learned.

So, I have learned: that the majority of people in my life have experienced conflict in life and will continue to, here and there…I am not always gonna like someone…I am not always going to like what is going on around me…

Having conflict is not a bad thing really…it is more of a learning tool…

So I need to learn the best ways to defend myself in conflict that I can so that when no one else is around me, I can hold my own in a situation…

And as far as compromise goes…you spend your whole life doing that…if I din’t learn how to compromise when I was growing up, I would be totally fucked right now…I compromise everyday, when I go to a 9 to 5, when I hang out with other people, family friends, whoever…I compromise on the road while I ride my bike or walk…I compromise all the time….

So compromise and conflict: Getting along with other people…is not really a bad thing…

I understand why peace is not always the answer, but it mostly is…(See previous post about the 80/20% idea).


well, that was random.

Okay, gotta get to work…have a ton of stuff to do today.

Peace, Conflict and Character.



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