My toe… and vegas!! 9.22.12


So, I ate shit on my bike earlier this week 😉

I haven’t been able to wear heals at the office and I have been limping everywhere.

Good timing, cuz I am in vegas right now for the weekend with my gal pal.  Luckily it happened on tues not yesterday otherwise I doubt I would be super excited about going anywhere let alone Vegas for the weekend.

So that worked out actually.

Plus, my friend and I discussed the fact that when we start to travel around the world, and if accidents happen, it is all in how we handle things and how prepared we are in the moment…so our hypothosis ( that it is better to travel within the country together first on shorter trips and work out the “Kinks” seems to be “right on the money” (

It is better to have slashed my toe open here, practiced taking care of it myself, and travel on it for the weekend while still in the States…that way, I know what my body is capable of and how it heals itself…what helps, what does not…how my friend handles me being a gimp while traveling with her…it was very empowering actually. 😉

About Vegas:

okay, its 10pm on sat night in vegas, after last night I wont be drinking anymore.  This is why I am a stoner people.

My gal pal E and I nursed our hangovers all day today…and I’m just now able to leave the room….at 10 o’clock at night!

And again, the porcilin goddess (toilet)….reminds me why imma stoner not a drinker…hangover and liver damage is a bitch to deal with. I spent all day in bed pretty much…at least the bed was super comfortable!!!

I kept falling asleep for a few hours here and there and dreaming about A (the man I told I was going to block his number)…sorta frustrating cuz we were great together in my dreams… but I guess sometimes dreams are just there to help us process shit out so we can deal with things better when we are awake and dealing with the world.

And as for the Indian doctor, I sorta feel uncomfortable continuing to date him…for a number of reason really, but namely because when I saw him Wednesday he didnt even look at my toe!  He just made me feel weird for mentioning it to him when he said “I guess you’re expecting me to look at it, huh?”  I responded with a solid “No. I don’t expect you to do anything.”

Then he preoceeded to tell me I should go to emergency and see about getting it stiched up…he didnt even know how bad it was…cuz he NEVER looked at it.  Don’t tell me ur a doctor and that u are interested in seeing me and maybe having a future with me, and then act disinterested when I have an ouchie….that was his moment to shine! His chance to show me he wanted to protect me and make sure I was safe with him!  Instead…he told me to go to emergency (not cheap) and have them look at it.

“Actually, it’s elementary, my dear Dawson” (, to quote Basil the mouse…

The “it” that is Elementary of which I am referring to is: the reason why I dont sleep with men until I really get to know them. If I would have jumped into sex with him too soon, I would probably have ended up in a long(er) relationship with a man who deep down sorta doesn’t give a shit about me…and whom I am not super compatable with…why do that to myself??? Why do that to either of us really?  What could be worse romantically than marrying someone you find out you don’t really get along with and you coulda prevented the whole thing from going down by just taking a little extra time to get to know one another…?

Enough about that…Back to Vegas:

So, last night, I had a smokin’ hott professional model  at the dance club hitting on me and I ended up giving him my number…seeing as how I rarely drink (but had the equivalent to 8 Taquilla shots) I had a hard time remembering him percicely…even after he sent me a georgeous picture of himself…hey, hangovers aren’t personal….anywayz… he wanted to hang out tonight, and I was initially going to…but I cancled cause my gal pal and I have plans when she gets back from her dinner….sober plans. 😉

My perspective is probably not a very popular one…but I don’t give a fuck 🙂

Spelling errors abound in this post and I am not done with it…typing from my phone…fix it up when I can look at it from a computer on monday. Peace, love and vegas baby! -me


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