Choices and Changes

*I am at that point…the point where I need to “shit or get off the proverbial pot”…I need to act on my realizations:

*) Get 80% of my clothes and stuff moving on it’s way.

*) End things with the Indian Dr

*) Take the time to make a list of qualities I would like to enjoy in a prospective mate.

*)Make a list of travel items.

*)start working on the test prep for my license.

*) Sell 4 lines of my good friends amazing jewelry line.

*) Start a “Give-Fest” within the year

*) Reconfigure my entire wardrobe (send most of my pieces back into the universe to be enjoyed/loved by others and focus on loving a few items…instead of not really enjoying all my clothes cause I have too many to even wear)

*) Treat myself the way I want others to treat me.

*) Purchase “the WARofART” by steven pressfield

*) Write mini story sheets about each piece of jewelry.

*) Less talk, now it is time for more focused action.


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