WTF… ;)

My Gal Pal and I discussed this weekend about how we are both kinda in this “sweet spot” of sorts…here is what I mean:

Each of us, individually, have been technically single for almost a year…I haven’t been physical with anyone since last Nov. and it has been a bit for her too…

it is that sweet-single spot…

the point where you have gotten over whatever “ex” you may have had (or not had…) and you have done the dating thing….gotten over that…and you are finally in that place where you feel really good being single…to the point where you actually start to try and avoid dating.


THAT, my friends, is the sweet spot.


and that is the point where I find I am hit on by the opposite sex the most!


It is like, they can smell the happy-singleness…they gravitate to the freedom-enjoying, life-loving me.


So yeah, we were discussing this “sweet spot” we were both in…and this week at work…I can feel it even more intense than before…I have men tapping on my window at work to say “don’t work to hard!” and another coming up behind me trying to “play” scare me and find out how long I am going to be at the office for…and then there is the guy next to me, the “player” standing up all the time to glance over our common cubbie wall to find out how I am doing and what I have been up to (the same guy who professed I could possibly be to old for him…lol)


Speaking of my attractive “sweet spot”… I have a pseudo-date in about 40 mins and I gotta bike home 😉

Milkshake date!


Tell the Universe you want to be in a relationship and the opposite sex is no where to be found…or they are running the other way or treating you sorta shady…

Tell the Universe you want to stay single and happy and free as long as possible so you can do a whole bunch of fun things without having to worry about the opinions of another or worrying about compatibility….watch out!!!!!! You will be a magnet!



Okay….night friends.

Love and Happiness and that Sweet Spot.



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