The barometer

The more knowledge one has in their lil’ noggin, the more choices and options they have…

The more choices and options one has, the more random and different their solutions start to appear to the majority of the people who are around them.


I see how “crazy” and “brilliant” come close to being similar…and I understand the quote I read in Richard Bach’s “The messiah’s Handbook” where it basically says something along the lines of:

The brilliant and the crazy both make uncommon connections…the difference is that the brilliant individual makes uncommon INSIGHTFUL connections.  There in lies the true barometer/test/gauge for “is this person brilliant and excentric? or are they just bat-shit crazy?”


And another question is: are there levels and hybrids of the two that are harmless and possibly even beneficial for society…even if it is just for a “don’t do (insert warning here) or you could end up like that kids”

so, yeah…



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