Yummy in my tummy…version numero 2


Version number two: put coconut oil on bottom of pan and heat it up…then add the small squares of cut up italian hot sausage and a couple radishes and cut up string beans(I didn’t bother cutting off the ends…do what you want though)…added some ginger root (left the skin on…but again…your call)

Then I added tummerick, coriander, ground white and mixed pepper, “slap yo mamma” seasoning…and then I poured some olive oil on top…and added a teaspoon of honey (my nana brought me back from Greece…super yum factor)..and finally a quarter of a squeezed lemon (which I also used to clean my cutting board when I was done squeezing it)

I let the meat and veggies cook for a bit in the coconut oil before I add the seasonings and then the olive oil….finally, when that all started to heat up, that is when I drizzled the honey on top and let it cook down into the mix…when it looks about done, you can pour the oil mixture out to save for another experiment…or do whatever you want to do with it…again…totally up to you.



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