The incident…


This is my toe a day after the bycicle incident…white from lack of oxygen being in the band aid a little to long…gashed open wide, fleshy exposed interior…if I had a more professional camera u would be able to see the dimentions of the interior of the wound…. Plus side, no infection. From the get go, right when I got to the house, I put hydrogen peroxide on it a couple times (some ppl have disagreed with that move…but it worked for me) and raw, unrefined coconut oil the rest of the time…twice a day-if not, more times- religiously.


This is my wound now…i was worried I needed stitches…but now, I am glad I didnt get them! It still hurts like a bitch…and bleeds a little if I bang it on something…but for the most part, it is clean and healing nicely and I feel all my nurves 😉 Perfect! Thank you jah! For a natural, feasible option…coconut oil is something I can afford right now. So it all works. Bye kids…catch yeah on the flip side…got a lot of fun and relaxing things for me to do today that require my utmost attention and love 😉 day off a week minimum is crucial…three would be ideal…but I am working with what I got this weekend…and that is one day. -me


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