Resistance…holy smokes batman!

I am being so cereal right now…(but seriously)


total resistance on major life-fronts from all directions dudes!!!

It is crazy too cause the resistance I am feeling is coming at me in some conniving sorta ways….

Like, from people who smile to my face but talk shit…or their motives are less than awesome.

It is sorta fucked up too cause I wanna trust these people and be able to confide in them. But the lesson has to be learned by no one else but me…I have to learn that not everyone who professes to be your “buddy” or your “pal” actually has your best interest at heart.  Sorta sux. But it is what it is.

I am also getting my forward progress resisted against by the ex’s that are coming out of the wood-work…once I decide I am happy single…I get 5 different “blast from the past” text’s/ call’s from a few of my previous dates…from Cali even! totally wild…

and that form of “resistance” is tricky for me because I have been practicing being better at communicating in relationships and being more receptive and available to men who want to go on dates with me….and this is my chance to really be receptive to being won over by one of these great guys and possibly settle into something solid…however, now, all I want to do is travel! and if I settle down with any of these guys, that is going to prevent me from really pursuing my goals…

Plus, it is like, I set myself a ridiculous standard right now, so instead of continue to date and expect so much…I have decided to take a break from dating, focus on me and saving money up for my trip…get mentally and physically prepared to travel too.

So yeah…”Holy Smokes Batman!!! The green joker and that creepy-untrustworthy penguin are creepin’ up trying to stop good things from happening!!! What to do!!!”

lol…stupid connection…but sorta valid…at least now I can see the “jokers” and the “evil penguins” for what they are now…as resistance.

I don’t choose to play the “resistance” game anymore…So now it is a matter of me letting the negative nancy’s and husbands-to-be enjoy their alone time by not engaging in the drama.


Okay…god…I love this Bubba Kush…I already got a bunch of stuff completed and it is only 7:40ish…next: Dinner, call my friend, organize my $ spreadsheet and maybe a few other things if I really feel up to it.  Stress-free productivity….my favorite kind of alone time.


*as usual, proofread this properly at a later date/time.


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