the itch…

I am getting that itch to go somewhere new…

It is too early though…my friend and I aren’t leaving on our travels till February…

I will just have to take shorter trips in the mean time…going to volunteer toward the end of this month in so cali…get in a sailing session while I am there…


I took three days off in december for A’s b-day, but now that I am not spending that time with him…seeing as how we are no longer speaking…I guess I could take a random trip somewhere for 5 days…somewhere that doesn’t cost a fortune…where I can stay with people I know.

I will figure it out sooner or later.


I dunno…I just want to pack up and gooooooo.  See the world, climb a mountain…(like that photographer guy that takes all those bitchen photo’s of his mountain climbing/hiking expeditions…he is out there doing his thing and it makes his photos that much better to me)…make a difference in someone’s life somewhere for the better…and not just my own….I just want to break free and grow in a new and totally different experience.


I have places to go and people to see and things to do….I just need to be a patient grasshopper and chillax…I will head out on my travels when I am ready…and until then, I live in cubbie world: and biking to work and Norml meetings will just have to be the excitement and travel I yearn for at this moment.

Another one of those “working with what I have in the moment” situations.

Mark my words friends…I WILL be traveling…I just have to work out the details 😉 heh.



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