Yummy in my tummy…the trilogy

Variation #3

One cut up hot sausage link in different sizes.

Fresh spinach/cheese tortellini

garlic (almost a whole bulb)

a couple of radishes

a handful of sting beans.

a 2cm thick slice of lemon cut in four (one corner squeezed in)

a small can of tomato sauce (like 39 cents at the grocery store)

olive oil (I like Bragg’s…but use whatever you want)

Slap yo mama seasoning



a little turmeric

I put meat, veggies and olive oil in a glass cookwear-type pot…then I added the tortellini (half of a trader joe’s package…only thing that would make that better would be if they had gluten free…oh well, work with what I got)

on top of everything, I poured the tomato sauce and added my seasonings to the top…didn’t mix it in for a bit…just let it cook down on med/low for a bit before mixing it all together.

Turned out pretty good actually. One of my fav. versions of this dish.


ps: used up the rest of the sausage and tortellini…and the radishes that were on their way to their death….using food items from my fridge and freezer that i wouldn’t normally put together…saved me money this evening…and it was fun…and it was successful because it turned out really good!  All good things.


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