Dear Self…(the one that made it through)

I just typed a beautiful piece about my last few days and all the productive and positive things that I have experienced…like working my way through a 40 minute bike ride back home in the dark by making the decision “mind over matter, I am awesome, I can do this! I love riding this bike, I love feeling the wind in my face and through my hair, I love saying hi to people…I love this and I will make it home at a steady pace!”

and it worked! I got home feeling soooo good about myself, I was happy I was home but I felt invigorated not worn out.  Huge difference for me.


Anyway, wrote a long diatribe about progress that is being made on setting up “give-fests” out here in zonieland,what my friend has been up to and all her amazing progress she is making on sailing and our travel plans…I think I also mentioned about my run ins with the “law” recently…from flirtatious cops and ignorant rangers who don’t understand that “we the people” are the government and every citizen technically can stake claim on National and State land because the land…technically…belongs to all of us…and I probably blabed about something else that may or may not have been important….

But it is forever lost in computer/internet land…and we will never know how amazing that post could have been, had it not been lost from a random “program shut down”.


oh, well, hope this one that made it through suffices and you were mildly entertained and slightly informed in some form or fashion.

Again, edit later…cause I am tired and I want to listen to “let’s get it on” that is blasting outside my patio from a local band playing around the corner….so cool. I am so blessed. The good times and the hard times are still times for learning…so…yeah, totally blessed.-me


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