Future=Uncertain. Goals? Keeping my life-story’s “through line”

I have no idea where my life is headed…I have no idea what tomorrow brings let alone next week, month or year.


But what I do know is: when I have goals, obtainable goals, it makes the uncertainty more manageable and confrontable 😉


So, here they are:

*Travel to places around the world I have never been to before (and examine more thoroughly the places I have been)

*Practice the Golden Rule to the best of my ability while still maintaining personal boundaries and not allowing anyone to use/abuse my kindness and mistake it for weakness.

*Get a piece of property out in the country, get off the grid and self sustain, grow edible and/or usable plants, write, & educate whomever enjoys my company enough to sit and listen.

*Work on projects that help propel our planet into a new level of evolution and enlightenment…(I propose to do this, by starting up projects I believe in, and leading by the best human-example I can)

*Constantly grow and learn and improve myself, and have an “open door policy” as information goes…if it works for me and others want to know how I did it and they want the play-by-play…(and if they WANT to WORK and Do the necessary things to get there) I want to be available for questions.

*Oh, and one selfish goal: I want to be Ms. High Times ;D


So, my goals are sorta random…but they leave a lot of room for life to happen a friend told me “don’t let plans get in the way of living life!”

So regardless of whether or not I obtain some of these lifestyles and characteristics and goals…at least I have them there when I feel lost or I experience set back.


K, kids. Breaks over, back to cubbie land in the big AZ.




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