Loving yourself…myself…ourselves and others…

I had a very busy weekend saying “yes” to most offers…went to a movie friday night with my nana and sister and cousin…saw liberal arts. I actually liked it. Interesting how different people react to their feelings of attraction to people of different ages…i dated an older man who I actually got along with and respected and trusted. It was awesome. Not sure how he struggled with the age gap…but we are not together so I would assume he couldnt quite figure that one out for himself. Bummer. He cared more about what other ppl thought more than how I felt and what he thought. I was mid twenties & he was early 40’s. Not a big deal in my mind. Yeah, if I was in my teens or early twenties…maybe too soon for that much older….but mid twenties…i dunno, from my perspective, I felt mentally and emotionally more intune with him than 80% of my other exs closer to my own age.

So, that’s what I think about that…lol.

After movie, sis and I went out dancing…had a blast…a gal pal joined and had more of a blast…got hit on by some baseball hotties, football hotties and somehow found ourselves hanging out dancing with a bachlor party and two iranian military guys…the one balance-sheeting me to death and the other one who was actually interesting and entertaining in an intellectual sorta way…innocent sarcasm amuses me.

So yeah  that was a 3:30 am sorta evening…danced my ass of, sober, water and lemons all night….smashbox was bitchen and so was doll house, but I woulda substituted 80% of the nothingness filler dance trance with a mixture of other genres and tempos…but hey, whatever…what do I know anyway….so, next day:

Woke up around 9ish, cousin taught me how to drive oscar…her stickshift vintage vw  bug…i wanna learn…she is an excellent teacher…

Then we got chai (mine with almond milk) &headed to prescott with sis to see a polo match. First polo match ever, smokin hott jokey with amazing eyes keept my attention for sure…then ate amazing bbq there and went into the city to check it out…sat at the bar where billy the kid sat in the late 2800’s….and the cowboys whould shoot prostitues..well, they were shooting the ceiling after poker games and sometimes kill or injure prostitues. Go american history, way to be fucked up.

Anyhoo, went home late, woke up early to sell at a market all day with sis cousin and aunt, went to dinner and movie with another aunt and didnt get home till late again…

Then I woke up this morning, went to court, got my criminal speeding reduced to civil with points and fine cause I had an awesome attorney…

Then biked to work and ate shit on the loose gravel section I usually bike over and fucked up my bike…a man at work I talk to all the time heard what happened and he checked it out and took it home with him to fix it for me.

Dude, thank god for shit working out the way it does because I had 3 dollars in my account and was gonna be walking home till my next paycheck.

So yeah…i love myself, I love others and I hope others love themselves… because sometimes you dont know how huge of a leg up u offer someone and how awesome you are… so it is important to tell yourself how awesome you are to keep you going even when others dont express the depths of their appreciation as much. Thought and action create a ripple effect.

Just love.


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