It is just one of thos nights…

…for writing.

listening to music, cooking some veggie soup.

I am boiling a yam in there just to softem it, but im gonna take it out to make smashed yams with honey…maybe add cinnomon and nutmeg…not sure yet tho.

I am processing a lot right now.
It has been another turning point/fork in the road sorta deal…
A lot of information was thrown at me which has led to me feeling even better and stronger with regards to my decision to travel around the world.

I am playing the game, which is what my family is teaching me right now, and I will save enough money to travel, whether they approve or not.

I am no one’s slave. No one is my slave.
There are no slaves here.

I want to build relationships with people who believe in me, want to invest in me the way I invest in them, and I want universal respect. I dont know anyone who would disagree, honestly, with wanting to be treated that way.

I’m blessed to be able to manifest options…true, it requires sacrifice, but there is always a trade off and some things are worth the trade off.

I wont give up.

I have been in my worst case scenario and like I said in the previous post: despite current appearances, I am no masochist.

I am excited to travel around the world, meet the love of my life, make a change for the better in this world one way or another…and make a choice to wake up every morning with a smile on my face most of the time no matter what life throws at me. We are all worthy of happiness if we decide it to be so.



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