…greed with generosity,

…anger with lovingkindness,

…ignorance with understanding.

-HEART OF A BUDDHA Compliments of the Amida Society



When I start feeling like I don’t have enough, and I want more…I need to give more to others.

When I start to feel upset with someone and their perspective and/or actions…I need to flow them more love than the average bear.

When someone is saying or doing something that clearly exposes their ignorance on a particular subject…I need to understand we are all at different levels of understanding and have different perspectives and that is okay.


It is up to me who I choose to have around me,

It is up to me who I choose to do business with and communicate with,

It is up to me HOW I communicate and what I DO that matters.


I cannot control the emotions, thoughts or actions of another.

All I can to is control myself, love myself and others, and have a pinch of patience and understanding.


Most people don’t try to be dicks, they have just been beaten up and bullied just as much as the rest of us have and they handle it differently…

whether or not that is right, it just is what it is….

and if I want to be successful in this life with the goals that I have, I will need to be able to handle whatever comes my way…

whether or not I like it.



I have a lot to learn.

I am just a fellow first grader trying to learn the calculus of life….I have a long way to go…but that is all part of the fun and part of the process.



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