Posting…owning my shit.

I have noticed something about me that I do not like right now.  I know the reason I am being this way, and I honestly feel certain it has to be done.

First, let me state, he asked for my help.  He asked me to work for him. I love him and wish him sucess. and I wish him happiness.

Second, let me state, I have been constructive-shit talking. Regardless how anyone feels about it, proper deconstruction must occur before proper construction may occur….and some of his concepts are outdated, but his foundation in knowing the indusrty is strong. That is just basic evolution right there…companies evolve just as people do.

Third, I don’t like the feeling of having to tell someone i care about, that there are improvements that need to be made if he wants to continue to have my help.

He paid for my education…maybe he could start allowing me to use it and have my ideas heard and implimented.

Im not saying he needs to do what I say, I am just saying: trust in a feminine perspective and see where a productive and positive compromise may lay.

Closed minds are dead minds. Gotta be willing to explore possibilities about 20% of the time at a minimum. Cause no change is no evolution which is no survival.

Adaptability is crucial. Or am I wrong?

So, here is my “beef” with it all: just because it is the right thing to do, that doesnt make it the easiest or most popular way to do something.

I could just shut up and do a blah blah job, or I can take a risk, and start making adjustments until he lets me go or it is time to go to india with my friend….and hopefully a few of those adjustments hook him up huge and he benifits from my work because then I will feel good and “in-exchange” with him…i will feel like all the money he has flowed me for my education will have been paid back ten fold.

So, I am working hard for him and giving him my mostly best (you get what u pay for) and setting some wheels in motion for him to help propell him into the next big chapter in his career and his life.
Doesn’t mean I like the jobs I do, like cleaning up lists and filing…but hey, we all do things we arent huge fans of because it is the right and good thing to do.




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