I can’t be…

I refuse to believe I am one of few who speaks up in favor of justice…in the truest sense of the term.

Justice, liberty…the very things our country is founded on…well, I cannot be the minority in standing up…or am I? Am I one of the few? Are the majorities a bunch of ignorant pussy cats…? No not pussy cats…that is too dignified.

where are the humans that were raised in the same schools and churches and hobbie-club places as I was? Where are the kids I went to school with that stood up for what was right…and when someone was a piece of shit…we all told them so? When I saw a bully being a dick I would check that mother fucker…and loudly! Where is the american back bone?

Where are my friends that would go up to bat for me, the way I would bat for them?

I don’t get depressed because there is something wrong with me, I get depressed watching the human race sell itself, and this planet full of living beings, out. It is not right…and I even catch myself consuming more than is my right…and it depresses me…that we, as a culture, have not risen above the awkward selfish-phase into the glorious-generous phase that we need to be in.

Not sure how you, my fellow human and blog reader, feel/think about what I have just said, but honestly, I have seen this behavior in every culture I have experienced so far…

And the awesome balance to that negative diatribe is this:

I have also met some super amazing, do anything for you, have your back, and know you got theirs people…in every culture and religion. So it all has less to do with culture and religion and more about your intentions. No one is perfect, we all have dickish tendancies…i have seen some of the nicest people say the most awful shit…and I have done it myself. But at the end of the day, it matters that you mostly give a shit about people and the planet cause we are all in this life-boat together and we gotta start figuring out a better way of treating one another.

My inner stoner implores: just be chill dude, why can’t we all just treat each other with more respect and appreciation and try to work shit out more effectively and efficiently? Why can’t we all just work on our communication skills and our delivery? I feel strongly, that if we invested more in teaching children and adults how to communicate better with each other and confront each other better…i think this would help.

So, less greed, more golden rule.
Less bullshit drama and fighting and more  solving problems…like true adults are supposedly able to do.

Less ignorant bullying, more standing up for one another.

Less worrying about what other people do, more worrying about what we ourselves do. Myself included in all that.

there is always room for improvement and growth. How much room are you leaving for those two things? I don’t know about you, but I could use a little more room. i look fwd to more improvement and growth.

Enough. Goodnight.

Thanks for reading my random rant.



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