I understand…

I understand that there is socially acceptable behavior so th at people can coexist without stepping on too many toes…

However, what if the socially acceptable behavior is more detramental than it is helpful…like:

People worrying about whether or not they have the right shoes or the right friends or the right video game…instead of the less accepted behavior of worrying about the world that is falling apart around us and learning how to communicate and help one another and stand up for things that actually matter…pick your poison.

I understand that sometimes what I say and do is not technically “p.c.”, however, I boycott the socially acceptable behaviors of treating anyone as if they are less than me…(cause we are all faliable human beings…no exceptions, thank god) & I boycott letting other people fuck with my life without standing up for myself and/or others. I boycott exclusivity, I welcome inclusivity. I boycott a ton of that shit. I boycott people caring more about whether someone curses or blows their nose the “wrong” way than shit that is actually important like “hey, if we had no grid electricity…how would we all get together and figure it out?” Not would we, but exactly HOW would we go about it?

another random tangent. I gotta get some sleep now :/



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