Poolside bloggin’


Enjoying poolside blogging while I can.  I wont be here forever, and appreciating what you have while you have it is the name of the game.

Have an awesome day today!

I think I will fill out my absentee ballot today…just have to do a little more research on the people present on this thing…I know for sure I am not voting for Sheriff Joe Arpaio…not voting for Bill Montgomery for County Attorney and I am not voting for Rep. or Dem. Presidential cadidates…Mr. Gray Johnson seems like a better fit for my tastes…my friend who committed suicide this past year, K, inspired my Libertarian beliefs, and I will forever be grateful to him for that.

My grandmother is hardcore republican and swears I am going to a place below the earth’s crust if I don’t vote accordingly…says my vote wont count if I don’t vote rep. or dem. and she is not a fan of raising taxes or giving people who refuse to work money from those who work their asses off.  It is a nice upper-middle-class sentiment…however, my patriotic beliefs go more bone deep than taxes and gov. subsidised programs.

I don’t believe in Income tax.  I believe in import tax and a lower export tax.  I believe in rewarding people for working hard for themselves and their country…not penalizing them for it.  I believe in helping all citizens with the necessities (like food, shelter, water, medical and educational services).

I believe in more personal freedoms, I Do not believe in charging people for victimless crimes.

I believe in allowing people the opportunity to improve or destroy their own lives if they see fit to do so.

I do not believe in telling a fellow human being what it is they can, and cannot do with their own bodies…as long as manipulation and coercion are not present while the decision is being made, i see no place for outside opinions on personal decision-making processes.

I will keep this blog at this.  I will post another one with more of my thoughts.  I could write a book…but I wont waste that much of my energy or your time.  Most of it is common sense shit…or at least stuff I believe would benefit us all if it WERE common sense.

-me…as usual


One thought on “Poolside bloggin’”

  1. Very usefull blog I must say. The things you say are generally right, but I do not agree on everything you write.
    I will back to see what else you have to say and what the reaction of other people on your blog will be. Keep up the good work.

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