Tea on my windowsill…sunshine on my window…

…makes me happy, makes me feel good 😉  (musical ref: “Sunshine on my Window”-Spiderbait)

This doesn’t have anything to do with the below post…but I like the picture and the song…and I have it stuck in my head right now 😉


“There are grand rewards for those

who pick the high hard roads,

but those rewards are hidden by years.

Every choice is made in the uncaring blind,

no guarantees from the world around you.”

-“Messiah’s Handbook”-Richard Bach


Sounds pretty dismal actually…upon first read at least.

but in actuality it just is what it is.

Doing the right thing, following your intuition/gut feeling? :  not always an easy task…in fact…mostly it is fucking difficult…

haters will hate on you harder and stronger…things will get in your way and even your own thoughts and feelings will try to deter you from doing what is mostly right.

If practicing the Golden Rule were an easy task…well, it would not be so scarcely practiced…it would be more acceptable to be good to one another and work shit out and stand up for what is right and fair than it would be to be a douche bag who ONLY and ALWAYS puts oneself before the well being of others.

I am not saying looking out for yourself is no bueno…I am just saying that there needs to be a balance…like an 80% 20% balance…If you are mostly about yourself, than try working out a 20% balance of doing for others…if you are mostly about other people, try working on being 20% selfish so that you can recharge and have more of yourself to give others.

Selfish, and selfless behaviors are mutually beneficial in my eyes.

If I wasn’t good to myself and didn’t say “no” to others and if I let others monopolize my time and energy…I would have nothing to give and I would run myself miserable and ragged.

If I was a selfish ego-based douche bag and I didn’t give to others and was down to step on others more so than occasionally taking one for the team…well, then my Karma would catch up to me and I would lose in the end anyway…miserable and alone…and still douchie.

Bummer on both extremes if you ask me (and even if you didn’t)  😉

Which brings me back to the quote (believe it or not):

Doing the “right” thing…whatever that is for you…is not easy because you do not reap immediate results…hence why it is not the most popular path in a world that has a mostly “gratify me. Now!” sorta mentality.

It has more of a butterfly or ripple effect…

Knowing the above explains why patience is so important…because patience is what you have while your deeds are taking effect…Patience is a virtue…because patience helps you get through the tough times and the moments and thoughts that make life torturous and/or uncertain.

love you all.



My Thoughts After a much later Reread:

The high road.  Not financially sound sometimes.  For example: I quit my job so I could continue to be right with myself and not lack integrity.  To an extent, that could be called “taking the high road”.

But here is the deal:

Hate/judge my choice all you want, but at the end of the day, I am the only one to has to sleep with myself, and I am the only one who has to wake up to myself each morning.  Period.  And though my choices all have consequences and rewards…to what extent is up to me and how I act and respond to situations and people is also up to me.

And making the right choice doesn’t guarantee other people are going to agree or like it.  In fact, most have major issues with change no matter how awesome and necessary it could be.  It is also not going to guarantee any particular outcome.

Also, there are other forces at work that you can’t control.  People are not going to respond the way you think they should or the way you want all the time.  That is okay.  People have the right to respond how they want to.  I have learned, accepting it is crucial.  Not only because it is reality, but because it is a less stressful way to live one’s life and it is the stuff of which stars are made of.  When you do something that constitutes “taking the high road” you challenge yourself and those around you…perspectives and all.  This helps you sharpen your blade of experience against the stone of fear.

So, your choice may not be popular, you may not reap the rewards of your good deed in your lifetime, but hey, it is good karma and it is good-people exercise.

We could flex this universe with kindness and inner strength.  We could change our evolutionary destiny by all working together, standing up for one another and ourselves and “taking the high road”.

This doesn’t mean that action is always necessary…sometimes it means the exact opposite.  Sometimes no action is necessary and understanding and patience is the remedy.

Okay, Ready to begin my day 🙂  Lots of fun and productive things to do today…I have been reading theWARofART by Steven Pressfield and he really knows just what to say to get you motivated to act.  He is totally right, when you are passionate about something, you get up and you work at it despite any resistance you may encounter.

For example: my friend text me really early this morning and I have been up working and writing all morning, so I got my allotted writing time in today already and it is only 8:30am! Now I am off with my grandmother to drop her off and run some errands with regards to a new vocation.



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